Legal Fees

We believe it is very important for clients to understand how legal fees will be calculated, as well as their payment responsibilities, at the outset of the relationship.

We find that a clear understanding of fees and costs strengthens our relationship with our clients. Our goal is full disclosure of these expenses so that our clients can make financial decisions with accurate information. Attorneys will make themselves available to answer questions on fees during any stage of representation.

Our firm charges for representation by using either an hourly rate or a flat fee. The type and amount of fee will be discussed during the initial consultation and further specified in the representation letter. Hourly and flat fee rates vary depending on the type and complexity of the matter and the level of experience of the attorney.

Estate administration fees are typically flat fees, calculated by multiplying the gross value of the assets in the estate by a percentage. Smaller estates are handled on an hourly basis.

The Hamme Law Firm, LLC accepts credit card payments, personal checks or cash for our services.